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Overlapping Future Worlds Set in 2050-2100

•, by Brian Wang

Any fiction set in the 2060's with characters who are in their forties are starting to overlap our current time. Any fictional character in a world set in 2100, would be born this year if they were 78 in the movie, book, game or TV Show.

We could soon be getting widespread humanoid robots of the Jetsons with the Teslabot. Millions of consumers have Roomba, robotic vacuums, or copycat robotic vacuums from other makers.

Many writers of fiction are liberal art majors who do not put real effort into laying out a timeline or doing realistic world-building. It takes a lot of effort to layout an entire fictional world and a well-thought-out timeline. Minority Report had a large movie budget and Directory Stephen Spielberg put some resources and effort into depicting a somewhat plausible future. He go the involvement of various technology futurists and corporations.

Here I will go over a movie, a game and a show that put in some writing effort. However, just because effort was put into creating an imagined future shows like the Jetsons or Simpsons can actually frequently hit upon things that actually become reality. The Simpsons actually has a better chance than most because they have over 500 shows. They have more "future bets" which could hit the real reality lottery.

Star Wars can be mostly space fantasy but the depiction of many droids living with humans could be more representative of an actual Teslabot future than other more hard science fiction movies or shows. Future world's with common space flight could depict our world with hundreds of spaceports with hourly passenger and cargo rocket flights.