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Dear Mr. Hancock, I feel that I have not conveyed to you that the Federal Reserve is a bunch of crooks that have embezzled $32 trillion over the past 100 years. Their previous attempt for a Wall Street coup in 1930's using General Smedley Butler wa

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Larry Fink is a criminal bankster that runs BlackRock. His corporation is partners-in-crime with the UN, WEF, CFR, WHO, CIA, DoD, Pentagon, Rockefeller and Gates "nonprofits", et al.

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The value of the Fed's bond portfolio fluctuates with yields. When yields rise, the portfolio loses value; when yields fall, it gains value. In 2022, the Fed raised its monetary policy rate, which drove up bond yields. As a result, the Fed lost mor

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Today's financial hardships stem first, from the Fed's unconstitutional existence, and second from the Fed's decade of near 0% interest rates and QE. Those disastrous policies created a decade's worth of bad and uneconomic investments. Rising interes

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The "Federal" Reserve – in the usual air-finger-quotes, to emphasize the maliciously disingenuous verbiage, the "Fed" being a conglomeration of private banks that controls the federal government and so, practically everything else, via the