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Federal Reserve

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has completely changed the market dynamics. In his podcast, Peter talked about the impact the situation is having on the markets and the global economy. He also looked ahead, saying Russia can now serve as a convenient

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The Federal Reserve released the minutes from its January FOMC meeting on Wednesday (Feb. 16). While there was some talk about taking on inflation, it doesn't appear the central bank is really serious about an inflation fight. In his podcast, Peter

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The effective Federal Reserve funds rate (the EFFR) has been sitting at virtually zero for a long time now. It feels a little strange to think about the fact that it was 14 years ago when the central bank first helped to trigger the crash of 2008 and

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The Boston Fed announced this morning that Susan Collins, a University of Michigan economist, will be its new president replacing Eric Rosengren, who stepped down last year amid the trading scandal.

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While the Fed, and all of its cheerleaders engender false confidence from the public, they also have false confidence in themselves. That which they believe they can control, they ultimately cannot.