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Some were quick to mock repo guru and former NY Fed staffer Zoltan Pozsar when he warned that the unexpected western blockade of Russia had the feel of a Lehman weekend, because virtually nobody had any idea what the forced exclusion of a G-20 econo

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John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) comes on the show for the Economic Report, the Federal Reserve and their coming digital currency (aka surveillance tool), the cause of the REPO bank crisis on Sept 17th, 2019, trucker convoy in Canada,MP3&4

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Inflation is caused by the Fed counterfeiting dollars. No counterfeiter, No inflation. This "system" is unconstitutional and a recipe for severe economic disaster. Money must be sound and counterfeiting must never be legal for anyone. The sooner we a

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"Buy all the things" was the message from on-high today as bonds, stocks, gold, crude, copper, and crypto all rallied on JPM initiated rumors that tomorrow's CPI may come in light and the reassuring words of Cleveland Fed's Mester who said - with a s

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Scott Horton ( comes on the show to talk about the push for war (Russia, Ukraine, US), the power of controlling the narrative, propaganda war, etc... - 2024 Election and Libertarian Party POTUS run by Dave Smith