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Earlier this week, Federal Reserve governor and vice-chair nominee Lael Brainard indicated the central bank will shrink its balance sheet at a "considerably" more rapid pace than it did during the previous cycle. I, Peter Schiff and a few others

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A stealth form of inflation is "shrinkflation." Shrinkflation occurs when businesses reduce the size of a product so its price can stay the same.

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Every artificial economic boom created by The Fed must have an economic bust. Manipulating interest rates lower creates distortions in the economy. A return to reality exposes those distortions and forces their liquidation. The Fed gives us a roller-

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Tomorrow we get the highlight of what has already been an event-packed week, when at 2pm the Fed will hike rates for the first time since December 2018, raising the Fed Funds rate from 0% where it has been since the covid crisis to 0.25%.

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President Biden's "maskless" State of the Union signifies the near-end of the COVID tyranny we have lived under for the past two years. Fortunately for Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is replacing C

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With prices skyrocketing, the expected finger-pointing has arrived. While there's plenty peripheral blame that is certainly warranted, problems are not solved by tinkering with the periphery. You solve problems by going directly to the source. The ro