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Muckracker Report

August 11, 2007 – Yesterday the Federal Reserve purchased $38 billion in mortgage debt from leading banks in an effort to prevent a much needed correction and crash of the artificially supported stock market. The Federal Reserve calls it adding rese

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US House Committee on Financial Services via LRock

Wednesday, July 18, at 10:00am Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testifies before the House Committee on Financial Services on "Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy," with questions from Committee members, including Ron Paul.

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GREAT BARRINGTON, Massachusetts (Reuters)

After 10 months of circulation, they've become a regular feature of the local economy. Businesses that accept BerkShares treat them interchangeably with dollars: a $1 cup of coffee sells for 1 BerkShare, a 10 percent discount for people paying in

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Free Liberal(Fred Foldvary)

The problem with the banking system was the federal control of the money supply, and the effective remedy would have been free market banking, where the banks and other private firms would issue private currency backed by gold.

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Ludwig Von Mises Institute

In this modern, post--Bretton Woods world of "monetary order" and coordinated central-bank inflation, many who are otherwise sympathetic to the arguements against central banks believe that the elimination of central banking is an unattaina

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Aaron Russo

I just talked to Aaron and he is very excited about supplying you with this freedom tool. $10 for the director's cut and $1 for the released movie when you order 100. Over 60,000 have joined his effort online in every state and he hopes everyone

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Two years ago, anyone who wrote about the housing bubble was dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Now hardly a day goes by that the headlines aren’t splattered with the details of the massive meltdown in the real estate market. What changed? The facts a

By Mike Whitney The American people are in La-la land. If they had any idea of what the Federal Reserve was up to they’d be out on the streets waving fists and pitchforks. Instead, we go our business like nothing is wrong. Buy GOLD and SILVER

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Free Liberal (Fred Foldvary)

Here's a easy explanation of how the Fed operates and how it will lead to the further depreciation of the dollar. Buy Gold!!!!!!!

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Wall St Journal

(Since the Fed creates inflation, that's the topic I choose) Back in the day - the 1960's to be exact - the tooth fairy would leave Rachel Hamman a shiny dime under her pillow. But for Hamman's children these days, the tooth fairy has f

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Lew Rockwell(Gary North)

I don't want readers to get the impression that the Fed under Alan Greenspan was unique in this regard. The primary function of all central banks is to send false signals to borrowers and creditors all the time. Their secondary function is to b

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Research materials on how the Fed was created. Also, included videos produced by the Mises Institute, and speeches by Ron Paul and C. Edward Griffin, author of "Creature from Jekyll Island".

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Given the rising price of gold and the fact that federal spending is totally out of control, the prospect of gold confiscation and criminalizing the private ownership of gold by federal authorities inevitably rears its ugly head. There are few things

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Gold Seek

We have been told for months that the next interest rate move by the Fed is dependent upon what the data tell us prior to each meeting. If the data tells us that inflation is too high and/or the economy too strong, the Fed will continue in its pause

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World Slaves

The number one distinction between freedom and slavery is free people get paid for their labor, their propety - slaves don't. This free website will prove conclusively, using well researched documents(many from the Fed and member banks) that you