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Federal Reserve

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Lumber prices have been halved since the Federal Reserve embarked on its most aggressive interest rate tightening campaign in decades as the pandemic boom in housing slows.

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Activist Post - Stefan Gleason

As the narrative goes, inflation readings have hit their highs for the year. The Federal Reserve will hike rates until monetary policy "normalizes," then declare victory over the very problem its policies unleashed.

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His political "revolution" sputtered. Then his disciples found cryptocurrency. Now, they want to force Washington to finally grapple with his strange ideas.

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Zero Hedge - Schiff Gold

After more than a year in which Federal Reserve leadership appeared clueless, pollyannish, and indecisive, the Fed is conducting a full-throated messaging campaign to show that it is as serious as cancer about the inflation surge that is scaring the

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It's been a challenging year for consumers. And with the highest inflation in four decades, some are paring back spending on big-ticket items, such as used automobiles. After jumping 90%, since the start of the virus pandemic, used car prices are coo

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The Government's COVID-19 response was met with the obvious effects like the lockdowns that decimated the lives of millions to little to no effect on mitigating the spread, mask mandates, or even vaccination mandates.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

1913 was a fateful year for freedom in America. Both the Income Tax & Federal Reserve were created. The dreaded Income Tax made everyone's hard-earned money the property of the federal government first. The earnings that government allowed people to