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Federal Reserve

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Sovereign Man

And the facts in this case are crystal clear: the Fed's own financial statements show that their unrealized losses amount to over $910 billion. Given that the Fed only has $42 billion in capital, this means that America's central bank has a net f

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

So, is it true that the Rothschilds own the Fed? And if not, then who does? Today James gets to the bottom of the whole Fed ownership things and helps you reformulate the question in a meaningful way that will help you dazzle and impress your conspir

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Like all indoctrinated economics PhDs, I used to teach students that the Federal Reserve was created as a central bank in order to provide cash to banks experiencing a run on deposits so that bank failures would not become general and collapse the mo

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Within Fed Chair Jerome Powell's recent congressional appearance is regulatory signaling with large implications for stablecoins, the dollar, CBDCs, and bitcoin.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

The Fed's raising of interest rates has big spenders in the government upset. Many years of near 0% rates have created the biggest bubble in history. The government and the people are saddled with historic debts. Of course, the big spenders want The

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Only Thing Worse Than Pausing Prematurely Is Having A Fed Chair Who Lacks Decisiveness And Determination