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We must, before doing or saying anything else in this blog, firstly thank W.G. for spotting and sharing these stories. The reason why is rather simple: because thus far the revolt of the states in passing state legislation recognizing gold and silver as money and legal tender, and of states opening their own bullion depositories, has thus far been confined to "flyover country" where we who are all part of Darth Hillary's "basket of deplorables " all live. One would expect such "nonsense" as bullion as money and state bullion depositories from us rubes in Wyoming or Tennessee or Texas.

But when the revolt spreads to places like North Carolina, a bastion of transplanted northeastern reason and "progressivity", it might be time to start worrying:

North Carolina House Passes Bill to Explore Creation of Bullion Depository Along with Gold, Silver and Crypto Reserves

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The first thing to remember is that the current Fed money system is the monetizing of contracts and agreements rather than gold and silver, although agreements regarding the exchanges of gold and silver can be monetized. The second thing to remember is that in the Bible Revelation, the banking system will crash 'in one hour'. Note that the crash won't necessarily stop trade between people and all businesses, even though it will affect major businesses in a big way. How much is BRICS going to help this to happen with their new gold backed currency?