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Federal Reserve

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Ron Paul Institute - Ron Paul

According to new reports from the Social Security and Medicare trustees, Social Security and a Medicare fund that pays for hospital expenses will both begin running deficits in 2035 and 2036.

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Peter St Onge - Substack

The Next Big Bailout could be the mother of all bailouts: The Federal Government. So says a new report from Michael Hartnett, Chief investment officer of Bank of America Securities.

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The first thing to know about Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr.'s' book Our Enemy, the Fed is he's giving it away.

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Paul Craig Roberts

Instead, the dollar's peril is blamed on Russia, China, Iran, "oil-soaked Saudi Arabia" and "our neighbor Mexico." In other words, it is a cover-up for the Fed and Biden regime's catastrophic mistakes.

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In 1913, Woodrow Wilson and his progressives promised that the Federal Reserve would avert both depressions and inflation, while preventing the wealthy from controlling America's financial markets at the expense of the poor.

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This time Peter tackles Jerome Powell's speech from Wednesday, in which he announced that the Fed is holding the federal funds rate between 5.25 and 5.5%. He also briefly discusses Bitcoin's pullback and the media's lies about Donald Trump.