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The Real Debt Problem

• Paul Craig Roberts

Someone sent me an article from something called Patriot Alerts, "Morgan Stanley Sounds Alarm On 'Death Of US Dollar.'"

The death of the US dollar is not blamed on the Federal Reserve printing trillions of new fiat currency during the years of Quantitative Easing in order to bail out the difficulties of the 5 large banks. It is not blamed on the thoughtless US sanctions imposed on Russia, Iran, and other countries, the only effect of which is to encourage countries to abandon the dollar based system, thus causing a drop in the demand for dollars and US Treasury debt.

Instead, the dollar's peril is blamed on Russia, China, Iran, "oil-soaked Saudi Arabia" and "our neighbor Mexico." In other words, it is a cover-up for the Fed and Biden regime's catastrophic mistakes.

It turns out that the report is nothing but an advertisement for how to protect your pension and bank accounts by obtaining a copy of "US Dollar Collapse Guide."

This marketing nonsenses provoked me to write this article.

As I have made crystal clear in my 4-Part series "The Great Dispossession," you have already lost ownership of your banking, pension, and investment accounts. Your "ownership" has been reduced to permission to use your assets until the financial intermediary holding them gets into financial trouble. At that moment, they cease to be your property and become the property of the creditors of the intermediary that holds your accounts, whether it be Merrill Lynch, Schwab, Wells Fargo, TIAA, or whoever. Your dispossession was done quietly over many years by regulatory agencies. This is what Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum means when he tells you that "you will own nothing." You already don't.

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