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ESG Anti-Human Scam: "Force Behaviors"


BlackRock is also "advising" the illicit private central Federal Reserve bank with the buying and selling of bonds and securities that it owns itself; in other words, the Fed is complicit in enriching BlackRock and vice-versa. This is nothing more than economic terrorism against We the People.

Psychopaths like Larry Fink also have a tendency to publicly admit their crimes. The whole ESG scam ties in directly with PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE, "pandemics," the mutilation of children with sex reassignment procedures, the BLM hoax and various other Cultural Marxism divide and conquer psyops, the wide open Southern border, and ultimately the total annihilation of the West.

These hedge funds, banks and various NGO's are socially engineering the populace into their very own digital gulag dystopia. They conjure all of the money that they want out of thin air, manipulate "markets" and commodities with paper contracts (hypothecation), and drive policy to tax everyone into oblivion.