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Gold Revaluation: Are the ECB and Fed Playing Chicken Now?


 Macro analysts now see Gold and the changes gripping societal money on their radar and are writing about it. Sunday we synopsized a good one: Goehring & Rozencwajg's Gold Commentary.

Yesterday we read AOTH's Gold revaluation & the hidden motive behind central banks' gold buying by Richard Mills. It also was good. It is quite detailed in that the author fleshes out the European logistics involving a potential Gold revaluation.  Several have noted G7 Central Banker unity has frayed this past year and therefore we cannot help but think the GRA discussion will become a  monetary game of chicken between the ECB and the US Fed.

We humbly suggest reading our 500 word summary below, then the original for more detail.



Shift in Attitude


Gold as a Buffer for Losses

Potential Use of GRA

Implications for the Banking System