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Facebook has demonstrated their bias against conservative media again and again. While the left-wing media is undeniably loath to admit that the social media giant is indeed censoring political adversaries, the truth is easily seen. Facebook's targ

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Despite rhetoric about consumer privacy, Technocrats at Facebook are busy working on even more sinister and intrusive methods of spying on people. Their feigned deference to public opinion is hollow. Technocrats have no sense of ethics or respect for

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Big Tech joins a number of data hungry companies to defeat the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which will allow citizens to opt out of the collection and/or sale of their personal data. CCPA also expands the definition of personal data to inc

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No wonder he refused to testify under oath...(Natural News) Facebook and its infamous CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, have been under fire for violating users' privacy, censorship of conservative voices and a slew of other misdeeds -- and now, it looks like

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As deeper investigation takes place and the layers of coverup are peeled back, the corruption of ethics and data privacy abuse are revealed. The simple truth is that Facebook is an infestation of Technocrats who are totally dedicated to collecting da