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Will Gen Z Finally Kill Facebook?

• by Kamaron McNair

Dear Generation Z,

Lazy. Entitled. Technology obsessed. Do those descriptions sound familiar? Like millennials, you have been called a variety of not so flattering labels. And now, the media has added one more: murderer. All right, maybe you weren't called murderers, but you have been accused of killing. And no, not the horror movie kind, but rest assured you've managed to kill pastimes and have placed entire industries on life support.

As someone who either falls into the young millennial or old Gen Z category depending on your definition, I can only share in the excitement (read: eye rolls) as the media and boomers increasingly lament over "kids these days." Still, a celebration is in order. Congratulations on initiating your first kill! You haven't heard? I bet you were too busy playing with dog face filters to even notice you killed poor Facebook. According to Business Insider, teens don't love the classic social media site and are on track to bury it in the digital graveyard along with Friendster and Xanga. So if and when the site fades quietly into the background, I will see you at the sink washing the blood off of your hands.