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Update2: Gab's Chief Technology Officer, Ekrem Büyükkaya, announced on Sunday that he was leaving the company because the "attacks from the American press have been relentless for two years now and have taken a toll on me personally."

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Glenn Beck (TV & Radio host) joins Dave to discuss his predictions for the upcoming midterm elections, Trump, people on the left being afraid to speak up and how that relates to his profound experience in Auschwitz, Facebook and Google censoring and

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The Organic Prepper by Daisy Luther

Lately, I've written a lot about the alternative media purge and how Big Tech social media platforms are attempting to control the narrative, the elections, and public perception through censorship and financial blacklisting. Lots of people are rea

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Facebook wants to you to spend $199 to $349 to install its version of a connected, talking video speaker--such as Amazon's Echo--into your home. It has a camera that follows you as you move for video calls and the ability to track what you're doing

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Disobedient Media previously reported the tightening stranglehold of censorship across social media. Unfortunately, events that have taken place since the publication of this writer's opinion that Julian Assange was the first domino to fall in a seri

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A former senior Facebook engineer who wrote a memo earlier this year decrying the social media giant's "political monoculture" told Fox News on Tuesday night that the company has a "vocal minority" intent on implementing "social justice policies acro