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by Nate Lanxon and Sarah Frier

Facebook Inc. wielded user data like a bargaining chip, providing access when that sharing might encourage people to spend more time on the social network -- and imposing strict limits on partners in cases where it saw a potential competitive threat,

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History of Prospective Buyers ...In New York (the state, not just the city) there's a rather Orwellian gun bill on the table that would require would-be firearm purchasers to turn over 3 years of their social media history and one year of their in

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McDonald's just pulled a Starbucks - but worse. The fast-food giant is under fire after a viral video showed a worker at one of its Minnesota franchises kicking a group of black Muslim teenagers out of the restaurant, even as they pleaded with her

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Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gathered around 50 of his key executives and told them that the company was at war - more specifically, under siege from lawmakers, investors and angry users over the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting

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Facebook ( FB) will allow French regulators to "embed" inside the company to examine how it combats online hate speech, the first time the wary tech giant has opened its doors in such a way, President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday.