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Philosophy of Liberty

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Will Americans resist being forcibly vaccinated? The worry is that most Americans have already accepted being force-vaccinated . . . in principle.

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Attorney Marc J. Victor was a panelist on Liberty Lockdown with Shane Krauser. During his segment, Marc spoke on many freedom related topics including plans to start the Live and Let Live Party.

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Eric Peters Auto

For decades, I have been trying to get people to understand the danger presented by presumptive guilt. To appreciate the injustice of punishing people because there is "concern" they might cause harm.

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Excuse me, Dr. Fauci...Shall I get my measles immunity papers also? You mean I can't go to work or even get a job without having papers showing I have antibodies against each and every pathogenic disease or others can sue me if they believe I infe

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This is the first time in America's history when Christians have been forbidden by government edict to close their churches on Easter Sunday--or to close their churches at all, for that matter.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Whatever one's beliefs, after several weeks of mandatory "stay at home" orders and the complete shutdown of the US economy over the coronavirus, this self-destructive hysteria must end and we must reclaim the freedom and liberty that has provid

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Science – whether as the term is narrowly understood today as those disciplines that can be objectively tested, proven, falsified, or as the term has been broadly understood in the past to include what we today call sociology, philosophy, theology