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Central Banks/Banking

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Having taken away the punchbowl two weeks ago by removing the SLR exemption, The Fed has offered banks a little more groul by announcing - as has been expected - that the limits on bank dividends and buybacks will be lifted at the end of June.

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The European Commission is failing. Its response to Brexit and the pandemic, where it is now threatening emergency powers in order to secure vaccines is a latest throw of the political dice.

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War is over when central banks and governments around the world no longer have monopoly power of the global money supply. The military industrial complex thrives on the fiat system.

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COMMENT: Hi AE….just an observation for you. Altho' you have mentioned your disagreement with the points of view of such people as Ed Griffin (The Creature From J Island), Ron Paul (End The Fed), & Jeff Berwick (current best seller is Controlled