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We all know the problem: in the coming dystopia of social credit scores and central bank digital currencies, our ability to buy and sell will be at the mercy of the criminals in government. . . .

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The Fed in general is studying the plausibility of releasing a U.S. digital currency. It has said that a digital currency would not be intended to replace cash, in spite of a mountain of global evidence that cash is in the crosshairs for extinction.

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The Boston Fed announced this morning that Susan Collins, a University of Michigan economist, will be its new president replacing Eric Rosengren, who stepped down last year amid the trading scandal.

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If you're a fan of American football, this year's playoffs were some of the best in the sport's history. The last six contests were all decided by the narrowest of margins, often at the last second. It was a good reminder that you need to stay

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Two weeks ago we speculated that deep state's escalating threats to impose draconian sanctions on Russia, and even go so far as to kick it out of SWIFT was the best news for bitcoin in 2022, a year when it desperately needed some good news after plun

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Economic data had their own drama for once yesterday. Eurozone inflation was far too high at 5.1% y/y vs. 4.4% expected, while the US ADP employment number was far too low at -301K vs. 180K expected. **S-T-A-G-F-L-A-T-I-O-N**.

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Last November, the Federal Reserve System announced tapering (a gradual reduction of the central bank's monthly asset purchases to the point of ending the asset purchase program, which means that the Fed would stop increasing its balance sheet). In

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According to recently released data by the World Gold Council (WGC), as of September 2021, the total amount of gold held in reserves by central banks globally exceeded 36,000 tons for the first time since 1990.

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Central Bank Digital Currencies are the most direct threat to human liberty - and to the human mind - that has ever come along. Consider, please, that they directly correspond to the "mark of the beast" in the Bible.