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Keith Weiner, founder and CEO of the investment firm Monetary Metals, highlighted the current risks of the banking system and advised "Liberty and Finance" host Dunagun Kaiser as well as the viewers to unlock the productivity of gold in finance.

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The more you resist plastic credit cards in favor of cash, you are contributing to the worldwide resistance against total bank control. While cash may be less convenient for some, it stymies global banks, central banks, the Bank for International Set

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Since the last FOMC Statement on June 15th, we have witnessed the biggest combined stock-bond rally in more than two decades - Stocks and bonds have soared in the last month, the dollar rallied, but gold has been clubbed like a baby seal...

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A massive scandal worth tens of billions of yuan is rocking the critical rural banking sector in China. Authorities blame a "criminal gang" for illegally siphoning off depositors' money and preventing more than a hundred thousand Chinese from acces

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Peter Schiff says he will sell his bank, Euro Pacific, for bitcoin if the Puerto Rican regulators let him sell it. "My bank was not put into receivership for being insolvent. It was put there for being under-capitalized," the bitcoin skeptic said