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I've been addressing the war on cash lately, and for good reason. While everyone's attention is focused on the war in Ukraine, inflation and the Supreme Court, government plans to eliminate cash are accelerating.

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Two days ago Nomura's Charlie McElligott laid out the market's pernicious recession/non-recession feedback loop as well as the conditions tracked by traders to gauge if the "all-clear" has arrived, to wit:

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When asked if a United States CBDC would be used to control how, when and where the population spends their money, a senior vice president for the St. Louis Fed's Research Division responded, "in life, one can't give absolute assurance of anyth

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As far as we are concerned, it is no great secret nor any great surprise that our faith in fiat money (in general) and the central bankers who have debased it (in particular) and precipitated the death of capitalism is anything but robust

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The director of the IMF and any number of central bankers met in Davos last week to discuss their plans to set citizens across the world on a path to a "sustainable" future. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a major part of this agenda.