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Central Banks/Banking

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The country with the longest history of negative central bank rates is offering homeowners 20-year loans at a fixed interest rate of zero.

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On December 16, Fed Chair Jerome Powell was specifically asked if he is seeing any signs of "valuation pressures" in the US housing market which according to the latest Case Shiller data was surging at the fastest pace in 6 years.

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Information Liberation and Spiro Skouras

According to The Economist, Black Lives Matter is planning to start a bank early next year to push capital to black-owned firms. The Tides Foundation that was created in the 1970s as a conduit to enable donors to anonymously support left-wing causes

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Some Federal Reserve officials are calling for tougher banking regulations in order to prevent the Fed's low interest rate policy from leading investors to take "excessive" risks that will create asset bubbles.

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Back in 2017, Sweden made a mistake: the Governor of the Swedish Riksbank, Stefan Ingves, described the use of negative interest rates an "experiment" never tried before, and with inflation in the Scandinavian country surging, he said that the experi