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Meat is always on the menu in many parts of the world, as we can see when we map out meat consumption by country.

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US chicken consumption per capita flew past beef in 1993 and hasn't stopped since, per Bloomberg. This year, Americans are forecast to eat 100.9 pounds of chicken, on average, compared to 56.3 pounds of beef. Across the US cattle production in

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Bitchute - Big Picture with James Patrick

In this ground breaking short documentary the full story of what is happening to the Dutch farmers in 2022/2023 is told. One third of Holland is planned to be nationalized by the Dutch government in a forced purchase of roughly 50% of the cattle farm

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Driving through what my sister-in-law calls la France morte--the France that is dead--my wife and I were struck by the peculiar gloom of so many of the small country towns that would once have provided services for the farmers of the surrounding ag

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