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Farmers all over the world are BEING THREATENED by Deep State-controlled governments and ...

• By Arsenio Toledo

The most notable attacks against farmers and other food producers such as fishermen have come from the government of the Netherlands, where thousands of farmers have risen up in opposition to the government's plan to cut emissions. Noncompliant farmers could have their lands taken from them.

"The expropriation plans of the cabinet are a downright declaration of war on the agricultural sector," said Dutch Member of Parliament Gideon Van Miejeren.

"Under false pretenses, farmers are being robbed of their land, centuries-old farms are being demolished and farmers' families are being totally destroyed. It is terrible to see that several farmers have now been driven to such desperation that they feel compelled to take firmer action to make their cries heard."

In an attempt to prevent the farmers from organizing any further protests, Dutch police have shown their willingness to beat up and even open fire on farmers.

In the northern Dutch province of Friesland, several police officers opened fire on a tractor that broke free from a line. The police claimed they only fired warning shots, but then later amended their statement to claim that the tractor attempted to drive into the police officers and their vehicles.

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