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According to the Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report 2022, marijuana was the sixth most valuable wholesale crop in the United States last year at a $5 billion worth, trailing only corn, soybeans, hay, wheat and cotton.

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We now know enough about cattle management to understand that we can massively augment the potential changeover. The process includes forest grooming that opens the canopy to sunlight, sheep grazing to knock down weed cover growth and tight cattl

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We live in perplexing times. It's almost inconceivable to think that there's a war being waged against food, an absolute and undeniable necessity of life. Yet, here we stand, on the precipice of what looks like a catastrophic agenda against globa

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Global food prices increased the most in 1.5 years as trade disruptions from the El Nino weather phenomenon battered agricultural-producing countries, and Russia's exit from a crucial UN-backed agriculture deal stoked supply concerns.

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