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Andrew Millison -

Permaculture Instructor Andrew Millison travels to the village of Laporiyah in Rajasthan India to see the 45 year water harvesting and community development project spearheaded by waterman Laxman Singh. We spent 2 days touring the village with Laxman

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The governor of Tennessee is about to sign the "Vaccine Lettuce Bill," which will require food products laced with vaccine material to be classified as drugs.

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According to USDA, as of March 25, unpasteurized, clinical samples of milk from sick cattle collected from two dairy farms in Kansas and one in Texas, as well as an oropharyngeal swab from another dairy in Texas, have tested positive for the virus.

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That plant recovery then allows rotational cattle grazing over the affected range, and quite early on as well. after all with mob grazing, you walk the animals from one enclosure to the next and that can be some real distance. all this supports gr

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I built the ultimate dream chicken coop that goes anywhere. It has every feature you can imagine on a backyard chicken coop. It has water misting, an rv ventilation fan, off-road wheels with a lift system, solar power, and a battery bank plus more!

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Between 2017 and 2022, the number of farms in the U.S. declined by 141,733 or 7%, according to USDA's 2022 Census of Agriculture, released on Feb. 13. Acres operated by farm operations during the same timeframe declined by 20.1 million (2.2%), a lo