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Philosophy: Anarchism

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Daniel McAdams informs that the great libertarian Butler Shaffer passed away Sunday afternoon. (A loss to friends and family, but Butler will always be a gift to humanity - Ernie)

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Unfortunately, some anarchists, like the leader of the modern anarcho-capitalist movement, passed away prior to the birth of Anarchast, which interviews anarchists and asks them "How did you become an anarchist?". We found, however, this speech from

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There are millions of people - a majority in many places - who believe in a liberty philosophy: That the golden rule is the right way for humans to interact, that centralization is a problem, that leaving markets alone is better than rigging them

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The Daily Bell - Joe Jarvis

You know how kids will try to annoy you to get attention? And the more you react, the worse they get...If you acknowledge that they have the power to annoy you, they become little tyrants. And their parents would probably see it as an overreaction to

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Can the small Mexican town of Cheran serve as a model? They banned politicians and found nearly everything improved. Filmmaker Luke Rudkowski tells us what he discovered when he investigated. Also today, Luke's take on the war on independent media.