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•, By Erin Nakamoto

Everything from the idea to the infrastructure necessary to make it possible is coming to fruition. We believe in freedom and individual responsibility. We believe that we cannot force others to live a certain way and we believe that good ideas do not require force. 

We have a responsibility to spread our message of individualism, freedom, and responsibility. We should listen, learn and educate each other. Because we believe in this with all of our heart, we are bringing you the next great voluntaryist event in the United States...AnarchoVegas! 

AnarchoVegas is an exciting two day event jam packed with thought-captivating speakers, parties, opportunities to learn new ways of living, a Candles in the Dark workshop with Amanda Rachwitz and Larken Rose where you will learn how to communicate effectively with people who don't think the way you do, and a Free Ross fundraiser. 

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Comment by Ed Martin
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"The cult of the omnipotent state has millions of followers in the united States. Americans of today view their government in the same way as Christians view their God; they worship and adore the state and they render their lives and fortunes to it. Statists believe that their lives -- their very being -- are a privilege that the state has given to them. They believe that everything they do is -- and should be -- dependent on the consent of the government." ~ Jacob Hornberger Yes, E.Price, this is directed at you.

Comment by Ed Price
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But you are going about your anarchy in the wrong way. Most of your prophets are telling you to destroy the United States. If not directly, then in the way they are telling you to get into anarchy. The USA laws and foundational writings are the thing that is holding you in the ability to think and talk anarchy. Why do you want to destroy the thing that is maintaining you? There's a better way. Put some study into it. >>> Combine the following 3 things to make your anarchy successful: a) Private Membership Association (PMA); Google it; b) the teachings of Karl Lentz are not his; He is simply one who has stated them more clearly than most others - - copy these before thy go bye-bye; c) Bernie, here - - and here -; Bernie wants to make money, but what he does is worth every penny.