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Philosophy: Anarchism

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The story of freedom-seekers who create an alternative society on the Internet - a virtual society, with no possibility of oversight or control. It grows so fast that governments and “leaders” are terrified, and fight to co-opt this cyber-society.

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George Donnelly

This is free market anarchism. This is left libertarianism. This is complete liberty…plus love, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and so much more. Voluntaryism is the essence of liberty with the widest possible range of ideas and influences.

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Begging for freedom--whether by voting, lobbying, or any other method "within the system"--sends one message loud and clear: "We can't be free until the politicians give their permission!" What approach could be more absurd, or more fruitless?

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Infoshop News / Collin Sick

An economy in which crisis is the normal way of functioning doesn’t fall quite that easily. But when you see the big boys running scared, you know that it’s tottering like a dizzy drunk who has had one too many… and that is the time to push!

Article Image / Jessica Pacholski

A poison meme circles every conversation: save the world through the use of government force. I'm too individualist to believe that collective aggression is suitable where there is a market solution.

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Lyoff N. Tolstoy

All attempts to get rid of governments by violence have hitherto, always and everywhere, resulted only in this: that in place of the deposed governments new ones established themselves, often more cruel than those they replaced.

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LiberaLaw / Gary Chartier

[An anarchist reform plan] could provide an opportunity to link a variety of other pro-freedom legal changes with (radical) health-care reform. It would force proponents of statist options to ask more clearly whether they value the goals they say they want to achieve more than they value the opportunity to give more power to technocrats.

Justin Buell

    The State. Mankind’s greatest sin. The organization under which all of civilization rests. The bedrock of the establishment, the vehicle of the plutocrats, and the lawgiver to all society. Within it lies all the visions, dreams, plans, motivations, and the will of the Nation.

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C4SS / Thomas L. Knapp

To question the legitimacy of the governors is to question the legitimacy of the government — and to question the legitimacy of the government is to invite reconsideration of the legitimacy of government itself.

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Butler Shaffer

One philosophical abstraction that seems to befuddle most people is "anarchy." To those challenged by complexity – such as radio talk show hosts and cable-TV "newscasters" who are convinced that all political opinions can be confined to the categories of "liberal" and "conservative" – the word anarchy evokes an unfocused fear of uncertain forces. Images of bomb-throwing thugs who smash and burn the property of others are routinely conjured up by politicians and the media to frighten people into an extension of police authority over their lives. "Disorder" and "lawless confusion" are common dictionary definitions of this word.

That there have been some, calling themselves "anarchists,"

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C4SS / Thomas Knapp

Get “serious.” [T]ry to tell me, with a straight face, that the state “works.” Admit it: 90% of what the state does looks like a deleted early pilot of “Different Strokes” — same cast, only with Joan Crawford as the adoptive mother.

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Mark Yannone

There's no need for elections to be complex and plagued by fraud and the inevitable disappointments delivered by criminal politicians.  The overthrow of the United States government can be a peaceful and joyful event.

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Wisdom of the Anarchs

Government and freedom cannot coexist, so a choice has to be made. “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.”

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Roderick Long

The American Revolution was not, on the surface, a conflict over anarchism. Nevertheless, the theme of anarchism – sometimes implicit, sometimes overt – runs throughout the contemporary public debate over the Revolution.