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Disturbing Infographic - America's Prison Population is Exploding


We don't just have the world's largest prison population per capita, we blow every other country out of the water. Amazing isn't it? Amazing we as Americans are told constantly we are the most free, most advanced, and most civilized society. Lady liberty, oh miss high-and-mighty! Oddly enough, China, a country ruled and looked at as mostly Authoritarian takes 7th place in the world in incarceration rate. Which of course makes you wonder, what the hell is going on in America? Are we just a society of misfits, rabble-rousers, and outright criminals? Or, is it something else? The answer may surprise you. We are in fact a society of criminals. Felons walking the streets, and living next door to you. You send you children to play at their felonious friend's home, where they are under the supervision of criminal parents. OK, so putting it like that gives you an altered perspective, but it is no less true. Though, the reason the average American commits an average of 3 feloni