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Jason Christoff Breaks Down the Mind Control of Television/Movies, Alcohol and Coffee

• Etienne De La Boetie2

Etienne Note: This was the most powerful short summary of the techniques used to mind control the population, exposing the product-placement of coffee and alcohol into movies and tell-a-vison programming and their ability to brain damage and "up-regulate" subliminal content inserted into the same "programming" which is also exposed in the presentation. It is a very important video, and I hope you will share it with those you love. Jason Christoff's Speech to the Greater Reset Conference - Morelia, Mexico - Jan 17th Jason Christoff: And we were talking about pain Now, I used to avoid my pain quite a bit, and it caused me a lot of problems I used to do steroids and cocaine and drink alcohol and hang around people I shouldn't be hanging around with And it didn't work out so good So I developed the courage to face my pain I opened the blast furnace door, and I let that fire consume me whole I let the pain train run me over and then back up and r