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Article Image SEMI-NEWS: A Satire of Recent News

"Appalling Arrest" Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-Minn) daughter Isra Hirsi was one of 108 students arrested at the request of Columbia University President Nemat "Minouche" Shafik. "I took this extraordinary step because these are extraordinary circu

Article Image, by Paul Rosenberg

(Originally published September 28, 2020.) As we grew up, nearly all of us were inundated with stories of our glorious national fathers, our beautiful democracies, and so on.

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Dennis Prager - Prager U

"The Progressive Income Tax" is one of those economic terms that gets bandied about, but few actually know what it means or how it works. This tale of three similar brothers with three different incomes (but one shared expense) helps explain the tax

Article Image SEMI-NEWS: A Satire of Recent News

"Death to America" Called "Legitimate Viewpoint" At an anti-Israel demonstration in Dearborn, Michigan, Tarek Bazzi led the crowd in chants of "death to America." When Fox reporter Hillary Vaughn asked Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) about this th

Article Image, By Karen Kwiatkowski

The 2016 movie "Brace for Impact" about Captain Sully's emergency landing on the Hudson River may hold the key to avoiding World War III, and the loss of the West.

Article Image SEMI-NEWS: A Satire of Recent News

"Pardon Pledge Will Sink Trump's Campaign" This week, Karl Rove, the political genius who guided former President George W. Bush to two election victories, predicted that Trump's pledge to review all the cases of the January 6 defendants and pardo

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Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joined "Tucker Carlson Uncensored" Wednesday to try and explain why GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson is capitulating to the political establishment.

Article Image SEMI-NEWS: A Satire of Recent News

"Sucker Punch" Controversy in New York The new rage in the "city that never sleeps," seems to be "sucker punching" women on the streets of New York City. A woman named Halley McGookin posted a video on TikTok after she was attacked. It was one of