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Video - Explaining the Alex Jones/Tucker Carslon Controlled Opposition Limited Hangout

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Here is a great video exposing just a few aspects of the Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson scam. I wish I had the time to break down all the data points of why I think Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson are controlled opposition, but I am slammed, so I'll just start the list and let folks add to the list in the comments.

Alex Jones

1. "Government" is legitimate… You just need to vote harder.

2. Use of Statism (Flag, Capital, etc.) in his news set

3. Support of controlled opposition Donald Trump even after he promoted "The Covid" and the "Vaccines"

4. Caved publicly on the scam of Sandy Hook vs. pointing to all the evidence as we have with our Liberator flash drives and Dropboxes:

5. Is made the "face" of the "conspiracy" movement by MSM, where he then acts the fool (Clownifacation of the Opposition) I.E. Piers Morgan and Kanye West ridiculousness

6. Connection to other controlled opposition media personalities, including Luke Rudkowski, Tim Pool, etc.

7. Gatekeeping on Israel's connections to 9-11

8. His vocal support for Zionism - Called out in the video.

9. Now public support of DARPA's boy Elon Musk and public replatforming on control-of-perception Twitter/X