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Doug Casey Recommends Off-Shore Gold in Foreign Safety Deposit Boxes after FBI Raid of US Safety Dep

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Includes List of Countries Deemed Safe for US Citizens to Store Gold Abroad By Diehl Richard International Man: Recently, the FBI raided 700 safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills. They opened and searched through the content of every single box, regardless of whether there was any probable cause that individual box owners had committed any crime. The FBI then attempted to confiscate anything worth more than $5,000 through civil asset forfeiture proceedings. Again, this was regardless of whether there was any evidence of wrongdoing by the individual box owners. What do you make of this story? Doug Casey: This is another of many indications that the FBI is totally corrupt and out of control. There's no indication the agent-in-charge was even reprimanded, much less fired. It's just one agency, but the fifteen other Praetorian agencies are no better. An even bigger problem is that the rule of law itself is dead. At this point, almost any federal agency can do whatever th