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Etienne & Jason Christoff - Why is 666 Hidden in Cartel Company Logos, Trump's OK Sign and Twitt

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Is 666 a "Revelation of the Method" Warning That We Are Getting "Chumped," Poisoned, and Tricked? Disclaimer: At the Art of Liberty Foundation, we try to separate what we can prove vs. educated speculation. There are 741 end-notes and references in "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! as an example. This article is educated speculation on why so many Cartel companies are hiding 666 in their logos. Hat tip to Canadian health, wellness and self-sabotage coach Jason Christoff for putting some pieces in the puzzle in the video above and his excellent essay I Explained 666 to my Daughter Tonight Plus Twitter X's New Logo, which we have reproduced below. "Chumping" Examples: Google and Microsoft Bing are lying to you with search and "AI" results, Intel and Microsoft are spying on the population for the organized crime "government" with the Intel Management Engine and backdoors, Facebook Threads and Twitter (X…explained below) are censoring and shad