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Cognitive Dissonance and the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Industry


I have been writing a weekly column for Duluth's Reader since 2009. Many of those columns were about issues that should be of serious concern to mental health practitioners (and family practice doctors) whose practices often rely on the use of temporarily helpful but often permanently brain-disabling and potentially addictive psychiatric drugs for patients who complain of temporary emotional problems that can often be effectively treated and even cured by non-drug means. The major themes that I have dealt with over the years have included: 1) the known dangers of the synthetic chemical drugs that alter the brain, psyche and soul; 2) the serious, often life-threatening withdrawal symptoms that can result when these drugs are suddenly stopped or too-rapidly tapered down (thus indicating that the drugs were dependency-inducing/addicting); 3) information about brain nutrient therapy for brain-malnourished or brain-damaged folks who may actually be neurological