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How Holder Lost Struggle for Social Justice the story of US Attorney Eric Holder's failure to ca


By Stew Webb Foreclosing On The New Equality Babylonian money magic and the actual business model of the international banking cartel that controls the Federal Reserve and other key Central Banks around the World depends on cycling a target population through economic expansion and contraction. Bankers make money by lending. Then, bankers make money by taking away. While counterintuitive, bankers know that the increase in currency an asset can command as a sale price is a function of their expansion in the borrowing facility they make available to that population. With each new loan, the banks obtain security and an ownership of an interest in additional property along with the streams of income used by the borrower to obtain the loan. When the target population is deceived into taking on as much unfavorable debt as it can pledge to, banks then make money by contracting the economy for the target population.