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Seven European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs

"We reject every form of legislation," the Russian aristocrat and "father of anarchism" Mikhail Bakunin once thundered. The czar banished him to Siberia. But now it seems his ideas are being rediscovered.

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Comment by William Patriot
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I could not agree more ,
I have never stopped at a stop sign when there was a clear passage, I pride myself on the capability of still thinking for myself.
Signs do not save lives ,but inhance the possibility of accidents, proven ! Common sense should always be the guide.
I have ceased to vote, because this gives permission for a person to be able to dictate their will upon myself, this is stupidity in the first degree !
As long as I harm no one or their property, I have done no wrong !
This should be the code we all live by !

Comment by Fascist Nation
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Even I would like some traffic signs. But I would remind readers that only three decades ago speed limits were suggestions (except 25MPH and under) based upon the 85th percentile rule rounded UP. That is, traffic speed would be monitored and whatever 85% drove at was considered appropriate. Further, one could justify going over this speed (reasonable & prudent defense). Then our local and county governments began seeing us as an important source to be fed upon. The masters furthered their grip. And out wallets and freedoms have been diminished ever more and ever since.

I am reminded of the four way stop story out in the middle of nowhere, where the view for over a mile in any direction is unimpeded. Where a cop lies in wait for the first person who slows down on approaching the stop, but clearly seeing no approaching vehicles anywhere speeds on through the intersection. Cherry picking for revenue and the thrill of the bully.