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Education: Opportunities/Resources

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This is a set of passages from my files: The thoughts of notable geniuses on the subject of education. I hope that parents, especially, will find them informative

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Open Source Education

We all know the problem's with the public miseducation system. But what's the answer? Corbett in the Classroom, of course! Join James as he explores his new page,, and talks about the inspiration for this idea (and the guer

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Open Source Educaiton

Start your studies today at OpenSourceEducation.Online brought to you by James Corbett. Subjects include History, Science, Literature, Economics and Politics

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Fresh off his efforts to ban lead ammunition on public land, President Biden is again escalating his war on hunters, this time by withholding routine funds provided to our children's schools that are used for hunter education, gun safety classes, s

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

Tjeerd Andringa joins James on #SolutionsWatch to discuss his cancellation from his former position at the University of Groningen and, more importantly, how that prompted him to create the School of Understanding.

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Jay Noone

Is it happening this year at Porcfest? Help us make the decision. There's been expressed interest in doing ManCamp again at Porcfest in late June of 2023, but it is expensive. We're fundraising now, and hope to raise the needed fund by June 1 so

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Alternative Education Hubs - Sussex. Parents taking their children's education into their own hands because they have had enough of the junk kids are taught in government schools