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Invitation: Richard Grove is hosting an 'Ask Me Anything' this Sunday.

• University of Reason - Richard Grove

Season 11 is right around the corner (Starting in 3 weeks!) so Rich is hosting another Ask Me Anything session this coming Sunday, March 3, 2024. 

You know some people who could really use AUTONOMY to free themselves from the limitations of their current situation. 

Just grab your affiliate link from Kajabi and have them sign up for the Blueprint call with Lisa and they will be automatically invited to the Ask Me Anything. 

Also, consider attending in person and supporting your friend while there. Sometimes a little trust-building goes a long way!

To make it easier I created an email you can adjust to your tone and send out to your tribe inviting them to the online event this Sunday. 

Email sample: 

You know how passionate I am about the AUTONOMY course I participate in... this week Richard Grove is hosting one of the rare Ask Me Anything events that are open to everyone, not just AUTONOMY students.

You are invited to join me for this Zoom call this Sunday where your questions about AUTONOMY can be addressed directly by Richard. 

Graduates from Seasons 1-10 will also be there... Season 11 starts in a couple of weeks and we are all excited to meet the new friends who will be joining soon. 

As you prepare your questions for Sunday think about the ideas or doubts that are holding you back, so they can be addressed or maybe even dispelled altogether. 

This is a special opportunity for prospective students to dive deeper into their own AUTONOMY.

Ask Me Anything is more than just a Q&A; it's a chance to speak with Richard, engage with the community, learn from others' journeys, and see how AUTONOMY could be a catalyst for your growth. 

Mark your calendar and be ready this Sunday at 12 PM ET. 

See you Sunday! 

[Your Signature]

This is the registration link you can give your friends to sign up for the AMA:

You may also use the photo in this email for the email you are sending to your friends. 

If you've got any questions about this Sunday's AMA or need a hand getting the word out, just reach out.

We want as many prospective students as possible to join and get a real feel for Richard's calm and clear guidance.

It's a great way for them to understand what AUTONOMY can do for them.


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Ask Me ANYTHING! with Richard Grove

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