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FedEx sets earlier start date for peak delivery surcharges

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FedEx Corp. will begin imposing 2022 peak-season surcharges on Labor Day and will apply certain ones based on weekly calculations that begin around mid-October and run until early December.

In a complex and detailed table published Friday on the company's website, FedEx (NYSE: FDX) said that surcharges for the "additional handling" of domestic express and ground parcels, as well as for international ground service, will kick in on Sept. 5. The first cycle of surcharges ends Oct. 2.

FedEx will charge $3.45 per package during the first surcharge cycle. The second round of surcharges, which will be more costly at $6.55 per package , will begin Oct. 3 and run until Jan. 15, FedEx said.

The same schedule will apply for surcharges on oversized shipments, those that exceed FedEx's dimensional requirements, the company said. FedEx will levy a $39.50 per-parcel surcharge during the first cycle, and a $68.75 surcharge during the second cycle.