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Words and definitions for understanding and surviving the age of iatrogenocide

• Toby Rogers - Substack

This article is arduous — it's just a series of dictionary-style definitions of words. My hope though is that it will reward a careful reading, stimulate discussion, and be the sort of article that is bookmarked for later reference.

Why this exercise matters

We live in an era where mainstream society does violence to language. Mainstream society assaults language to the point where words no longer have any meaning. Then they proceed to do violence to people because if words have no meaning then it becomes impossible to hold anyone to account. Examples include toxic injections described as "safe & effective", riots described as "mostly peaceful", and surgical castration of autistic children referred to as "gender affirming care".

One can generally spot the captured words because they look, feel, and sound Orwellian and are usually the result of extensive market research and focus group testing by Pharma (and other corporate) public relations firms.