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2022-01-27 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Howard Blitz (The Freedom Library - Yuma, AZ) MP3&MP4

Howard Blitz (The Freedom Library - Yuma, AZ) comes on the program to discuss The Freedom Library and how it is educating minds for liberty, constitution and economics classes, scholarships, etc... (Inspiring, educational and fun show)
Media Type: Audio • Time: 96 Minutes and 50 Secs
Guests: Howard Blitz, ,
Guests: , ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 96 Minutes and 50 Secs
Guests: Howard Blitz, ,


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1 - Howard Blitz (The Freedom Library - Yuma, AZ) comes on the program to discuss The Freedom Library and how it is educating minds for liberty, constitution and economics classes, scholarships, etc...


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Howard Blitz

Founder and Director of The Freedom Library. Retired State Farm Agent




The Freedom Library celebrated its 26th Anniversary on January 26, 2022 with about 35 individuals in attendance.  A fun time was had by all.  Each person attending got to draw to receive, free of charge, one of the many books The Freedom Library has for sale.  There was also a 50/50 raffle to help raise funds for The Freedom Library.

The Freedom Library is a 501c3 non-profit education organization located in Yuma, Arizona.  Its mission for the past 26 years has been and continues to be to promote an understanding and acceptance of the Freedom Philosophy and the principles of liberty as expounded in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution including the concepts of free markets, private property and limited government and the moral and intellectual principles which form the basis of a free society.  The Freedom Library only accepts donations from private individuals and organizations.

The way in which The Freedom Library seeks to accomplish its mission is through its class offerings of the U.S. Constitution and economics.  Anyone age 14 and older may participate in either or both of the classes, give themselves an opportunity to earn a $1,000 scholarship from each class, and may take each class as many times as they want.  However, the $50 fee covering the cost of books and materials for each class only has to be paid one time.  A participant may earn up to two scholarships from each class, and there are two types of scholarships available for each class.  One is a monetary scholarship sent to any educational institution of the participant's choice.  The other is a travel scholarship to attend a week-long seminar offered by the Foundation for Economic Education or other similar organization where the participant travels interacting with others from around the world to learn more about ideas on liberty.

The Freedom Library began its Kids Program in 2016 using Connor Boyack's Tuttle Twins books to help kids age 8-13 learn ideas on liberty and free markets.  In 2022 The Freedom Library already has two classes in operation and hopes to have two additional later in the year.

To help individuals maintain awareness of liberty and why it is so important in people's lives, The Freedom Library is now having installed an artist's/sculptor's rendition of the Statue of Liberty to be located at 2655 S. 4th Avenue in Yuma, Arizona.  The Arizona Inn and Suites Hotel and The Freedom Library have collaborated to not only install the rendition, but to also create a small park with a hot dog and lemonade stand so that individuals can come, sit, admire, and contemplate Yuma's Statue of Liberty.  The statue is made of used processed steel parts covered in a copper powder.  Her lamp will be lit at night and she will have lights shining on her during the evening hours.  The statue is 9 ½ feet tall sitting on a one foot pedestal.  Around the circumference of the base are names of individuals (not a complete list due to space limitations) who have supported liberty throughout history.  On the statue's robe are items that helped to grow liberty in the United States.  On the concrete pedestal are pavers and tiles acknowledging the individuals and private businesses that provided the financial support of the project.  Yuma now has another unique piece of artwork to add to its existing collection around the city.


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