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Joe Lai (President Flipper USB; Smart Parcel Service) comes on the show to talk about Ultra Tek Projects (Flipper USB, Smart Parcel Service, Smart Vial, and others)

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Lawrence Reed (President of the Foundation for Economic Education) comes on the show to talk about economics - Brunn Roysden (Founder of My Type Keyboard) fold up keyboard you can use for smart phones and tablets & working w Chinese Manufacturing

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Paul Rosenberg (Freeman's Perspective) comes on the show to provide an update on the cultural shift of people seeking the truth - Steve Cohn (Founder of 9/11 Studies & Outreach Club at ASU) talks about the 9/11 Truth Movement as Arizona State Univers

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Paul Snow (Chair of the Texas Bitcoin Conference) comes on the show to talk about the Satoshi Roundtable Meeting - Bruce Fenton (Consultant; Economic Advisor; President of the Bitcoin Association) provides his perspective on the Satoshi Roundtable

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Doug Scribner (writer, producer, animator) talks about WatchByBit.Com, a video platform where creatives can be fairly paid while voluntarily sharing with others - Jeffrey Tucker (Author, Executive Editor of Laissez Faire Books, Chief Liberty Officer


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