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Human Rights

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One of the more glaring cognitive dissonances of our time is the assertion, on the one hand and usually asserted most stridently by people on the Left that their bodies are inviolable . . . when it comes to their decision about whether to abo

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Russell Brand -

Vaccination passports are creating public and political dispute across the world. Is this debate a matter of civil liberties, and can the state compel you to take a vaccine with the reward of everyday freedoms?

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There is no scientific basis for the measures in place to deal with the alleged Covid Pandemic. Among experts the support for these measures are largely limited to those with financial links with pharmaceutical corporations.

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"The UN says that the Christian Church is the enemy of human rights. The UN says that it will become a world religion to impose humanitarian laws, not spiritual so that the world is not subject to Christian doctrine so that they cannot impose their

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Mint Press

As the extradition trial of Julian Assange nears, Patrick D. Anderson revisits the historic role of the US government and media in retaliating against those who refuse to submit.

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