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Human Rights

Article Image News Link • Global By Jeremy R Ham

The World Health Organization (WHO), a pair of articles recently published in The BMJ have revealed, is sponsoring an experimental study of a controversial malaria vaccine among African children without obtaining informed consent from parents.

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After a week which tragically witnessed a sudden uptick in refugee and migrant incidents and drowning deaths in the Mediterranean, a dramatic video has been published online showing the Turkish Coast Guard resorting to extreme measures while intercep

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Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has defended killing babies in late-term abortions. He believes that it's alright to end the life of a baby at or after viability because only 12,000 such babies are killed in late-term abortions each

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Natural News by: Ethan Huff

A notably rare and bold move for a Hollywood celebrity, actor Rob Schneider took to Twitter the other day to chastise Big Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube for censoring freedom of speech about vaccines on their platf

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