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A German police union released a video to express frustration over the dearth of uniforms. It says a lack of respect for those in uniform is leaving cops in the southern state of Bavaria with their pants down.

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

Between fighting the online censors and fighting to break through the wall of noise distracting the average smartphone zombie, it's getting harder and harder for activists and infowarriors to reach people online with real news and information. So,


One of the main reasons the self-immolation of Aaron Bushnell is having such an earthshaking impact on our society is because it's the single most profound act of sincerity that any of us have ever witnessed.

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When the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up in September 2022, the media rushed to say that Russia did it. We now know that the Americans did it, attacking their main European ally, Germany, and with it, the whole of Europe.

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On February 6th 2024, I was convicted guilty on two accounts 1. organizing a rally and 2. attending a rally in London, Ontario November 22, 2020. This fell under the Reopening of Ontario Act. I was then sentenced 20k + court costs (victim surcharge).