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There is a new push for US and allied intervention in Syria. There is a vast propaganda network of NGOs pushing cooked up documentaries and providing "expert" witnesses all aimed to mobilize opinion in favor of a renewed war on the Syrian government.

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The government of the United States is clearly in demonic hands. We are overflowing with proof. Take today (2-2-18) for example. A report from the House Intelligence Committee was released that is proof that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the D

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That's nothing new, of course. It began with our first issue in 1999, and has gotten more intense ever since. Just recently, the despicable NY Times, Washington Post, and National Review have vented their spleens once again.

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The 20th century was rife with partitions, many of them involving European powers carving up colonial possessions in Africa and the Middle East with what often appears to have been little or no concern for local realities.

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Back during the admittedly brief shock and awe period that immediately followed on the Trump electoral victory, it appeared that there might be an actual realignment of American foreign policy. The neoconservatives virtually unanimously had opposed D

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When will the American people catch on to the fact that we do not have two political parties in Washington, D.C.? As I have said repeatedly--and as experience continues to verify--there is just ONE party in Washington: the War Party.

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The headline at says enough: John McCain's Flawed, Important Example in the Age of Trump: The cancer-stricken senator's eternal pursuit of honor and integrity are a welcome tonic in a tawdry age, even while his policy misjudgments hel

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Reason has gone full-blown neocon. Recently I commented on a call to war with Russia by Cathy Young, published at