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Philosophy: Libertarianism

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Imagine a large, dark, windowless room filled with hundreds of people. Then imagine that one person lights a small candle, bringing a ray of light to that dark room.

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Libertarians make a self-defeating mistake in assuming that their fundamental principles differ radically from most other people's principles. Think how much easier it would be to bring others to the libertarian position if we realized that they al

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L. Neil Smith

It's harder and harder these days to tell a liberal from a conservative -- given the former category's increasingly blatant hostility toward the First Amendment, and the latter's prissy new disdain for the Second Amendment -- but it's still easy to t

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Larken Rose

Click-bait snippet: In a stateless society, I would rather be around a lot of the statists I know now, rather than being around a lot of the anarchists I know now.

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Michael is a titan when it comes to teaching the Constitution of the United States. His work will resound into the future as people catch the fire of true Liberty and Natural Rights. Please catch and share the Fire of Liberty.

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The Libertarian Institute - Scott Horton

I am told this morning that Michael Badnarik died in his sleep of heart failure last night. (Scott Horton)

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It stands to reason that conservatives would support school vouchers. That's because conservatives, even while using pro-freedom lingo, support reforming, not dismantling, the welfare-warfare state way of life.

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Their mission: to seek out new life and new civilizations, and leave them alone. Trade with them if they want, but mostly leave them the hell alone.

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Reason TV

As HBO's blockbuster series Game of Thrones returns for its seventh season, Reason offers its own freedom-filled parody. A libertarian paradise north of the wall? What's happened to Westeros' social security trust fund? Should it take low-income Doth