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Philosophy: Libertarianism

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Science – whether as the term is narrowly understood today as those disciplines that can be objectively tested, proven, falsified, or as the term has been broadly understood in the past to include what we today call sociology, philosophy, theology

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Ron Paul Institute - Adam Dick

United States Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark announced at Facebook last night that he will not seek reelection as party chairman at the Libertarian Party national convention in late May.

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Although I had not written anything about the government's war on drugs since December (see here), earlier this month I received a brief note in my inbox with the subject line of: "Like libertinism (aka liberalism), libertarianism is bordering on

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I have always prided myself that I am a good judge of history and human nature.

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There is a perception among some libertarians that simply by privatizing all property in the United States the issue of government-controlled borders would disappear.

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When I asked the Lieutenant what he needed he said he wanted to talk to me about the amount of tickets (speeding and other moving infractions) I had been giving out. I told him I had never given out a ticket but gave plenty of warnings (warnings were

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Murray N. Rothbard presented this speech at the Michigan Libertarian Party Convention, held in Southfield, Michigan, in May 1989. This selection also includes a question and answer session. Special thanks to Bob Roddis for making this video availab

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Unfortunately, some anarchists, like the leader of the modern anarcho-capitalist movement, passed away prior to the birth of Anarchast, which interviews anarchists and asks them "How did you become an anarchist?". We found, however, this speech from

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Here is a video of a recent speech given by the great Hans-Hermann Hoppe in Moscow. 1500 people came from as far away as Kiev and St. Petersburg, and several hundred had to be turned away because there was no more room. Go, Hans!

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Ron Paul Institute - Adam Dick

Weld, in his editorial titled "Reclaiming Republican Foreign Policy," presents a view far removed from the argument for nonintervention expected from a libertarian. Indeed, the editorial provides a rundown of Weld's support for the US governmen